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Workout of the Day Apr 18
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140418

Tumbling drills

Workout specific strength:
A1. Seated KB press, x8,8,6,4 each arm
A2. Body row, x5 3103
Rest as needed (x4 rounds)

WOD 140418:
3 rounds for time of:
Kettlebell swings, American (20/12kg), x20
Sit ups, x25
Kettlebell push press (20/12kg), x10 each arm
Run 400m

buy-in: scapular push ups/pull ups
cash-out: ring supermans, x8x3

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Workout of the Day Apr 17
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140417

Barbell Club WOD:
A1. Triple jump for distance, x3
A2. Hang power snatch, x5
Rest as needed, x4 rounds. Progressively lower on the catches of hang snatches each round. By the last round catch in full squat.

B1. Hang power snatch, x2
B2. Overhead squat, x2
B3. Burpee, x3 AFAP
Every 1:15 (x6)

C1. Hang snatch, x2
C2. Burpee, x3 AFAP
Every 1:00 (x3)

buy-in: row 6:00 @ recovery pace working on stroke
cash-out: good mornings, light, x8x3

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Workout of the Day Apr 16
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140416

Mindful movement 4/16: into & out of the squat

1) move into and out of lizard v1.0, x10
2) lateral kick outs to squat, x10
3) pistol to squat, x10
4) pistol rocks on beam, x10

*twice through each round, + :20-30 hold in handstand, piking

WOD 140416:
15 minute ARMAP of mindful movement
Pistol, x10 alternating
Handstand walk, x24ft (or inch worm)
Toes to bar, x10, strict
Cat crawl, x24ft balance beam
TGU, x3 each arm

buy-in: wrist routine
cash-out: dumbbell external rotations, x8x3 each

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“Gut Gummies” Audrey Apr 15

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Recently, I stumbled across several blogs that were showcasing the health benefits of Gelatin. It’s great for joints and joint recovery, can improve digestion, and supports the growth of your skin, hair and nails. All of these sounded like wonderful things to me, so I ordered a container of Gelatin and found an easy, way to take it daily occurrence…Gummies! They take less than 5 minutes to prep, about 2 hours to set, and voila! you’re taking delicious steps toward a healthier you! Below is the recipe from Wellness Mama that I’ve been using:

-8 teaspoons Gelatin Powder (I use this one because I have verified that it is from healthy grass-fed sources)
-½ cup juice (fresh squeezed or no sugar added) Pineapple will not work
-2 tablespoons of honey (optional)
-Vitamins of choice. I’ve tried: Vitamin C, Probiotics, Magnesium (optional)

-In a small sauce pan over low heat, mix the juice, gelatin and honey and whisk to incorporate.
-Heat slightly until gelatin is completely dissolved- it will be thick and somewhat syrup-like.
-Remove from heat and whisk in vitamins, if using.
-Very quickly pour into molds or even a small glass dish (oil with coconut oil) and put in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden.
-Remove and pop out of molds. Cut into squares if needed.
-Serve and enjoy! Tell the kids that they are gummy bears and they won’t even know that are getting vitamins!

-Make sure the gelatin is from a healthy source.
-Try different flavor and vitamin combinations.
-So far, I have tried Orange, Grape, and Cherry Juices. Grape has been my favorite! – AB
-For my molds I had to double the recipe listed above – AB

**Ever heard that you should have chicken soup when you are sick? Matt’s favorite way to get the healing benefits of gelatin is through homemade bone broth. A big soup pot or slow cooker full of bones (chicken or beef) some veggies and ~24 hours create a miracle broth that you can freeze, use for cooking, or drink with a little salt and pepper. If you want to find out more, ask Matt for his bone-broth tips!

Here are some additional gelatin links/recipes/info:
How to Make Bone Broth – Wellness Mama
More Gelatin Tips – Wellness Mama
Gummy Bears – Elana’s Pantry
Gummy Snacks – Primal Palate

Workout of the Day Apr 15
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140415

Workout specific strength:
A1. Push jerk, x5 40-50% power clean 1RM
A2. Kip swing, x8-10
Every 3:00 (x5 rounds)

WOD 140415:
For time complete the following:
5 ring dips
5 L-pull ups
25 double unders
4 ring dips
4 L-pull ups
20 double unders
4 ring dips
4 L-pull ups
20 double unders
5 ring dips
5 L-pull ups
25 double unders

*(sub push ups, and kipping pull ups as needed – no bands on the rings)

buy-in: scapular push ups/pull ups, x10 each
cash-out: controlled articular rotations, x10 each way each arm

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Workout of the Day Apr 14
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140414

Workout specific strength:
A1. Barbell lunge, x10 (alternating), up to 135/95
A2. Hollow rocks, x15
Every 3:00 (x4)

WOD 140414:
Every 3:00 row 100m, then perform the following for time twice:

1) Burpee broad jump, 48ft

2) Box jump, 30/24, x15

3) Dumbbell thruster, 45/25, x15 (in each hand)

*your score is the total time in seconds.

buy-in: wall stretch, 2:00 each leg
cash-out: kettlebell cross chops, x10 ea side, x2

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Workout of the Day Apr 11
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140411

Workout specific strength:
A1. Ring push up, x3, 3103 tempo
A2. Rope ascent, x1 legless
Rest as needed (x5 rounds)

WOD 140411:
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Wall balls, 20/14# @ 10/9′
Kettlebell snatch, 24/16, each arm
Row, calories

buy-in: band shoulder routine, x3
cash-out: dumbbell external rotations, x8 ea arm, x3

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Workout of the Day Apr 10
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140410

Barbell Club WOD:
A1. Hang power clean, x3 @ 60-70% of 1RM power clean
A2. Lateral hops over bar, x20
Every 1:15 (x6)

B1. Bent over row, x8 light 3103 tempo
B1. V-up, x8
Rest as needed (x4)

buy-in: Back extensions, x8x3
cash-out: FLR 3:00 total

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Workout of the Day Apr 09
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140409

Skill development:
A. Reaching single leg squats, x3 each leg (x2)
B. Single leg rotations, x3 each leg (x2)
C. Box lowers, x6 each leg (x2)
D. Box pistol variations, x5 each leg (x2)
*after each round, complete 10 hollow rocks

WOD 140409:
12 minute AMRAP of mindful moving:
Deck squats + jump, x10
Push up kick thrus, x10
Walking lunge (45/25), x10 each leg
Giant swings, x10

buy-in: hanging, 5:00
cash-out: wrist routine, x2

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Workout of the Day Apr 08
Posted by coach Matt L

WOD 140408

Workout specific strength:
A1. Deadlift, x5 up to a daily CORRECT max
A2. Double under, x20
A3. Kip swing practice, x8-10
Every 3:00 (x5)

Every 3:00 (x4 rounds) of:
Kettlebell swings, Russian, x20 (24/16)
Step up, jump down, x15 (24/20″)
Toes to bar, x10

*Rest the remaining time in each round. Score is the total time to complete each round. Aiming for a 1:1 work:rest ratio.

buy-in: banded good mornings, x30-50
cash-out: back extensions, x8x3

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